What are varifocal contact lenses?

Varifocal contact lenses work to give you optimum vision for both distance and near in one – these contact lenses provide clear, accurate vision and take away the hassle of swapping between glasses or having to look through different parts of your bifocal or varifocal/multifocal glasses.

How do varifocal contact lenses work?

Varifocal contact lenses work by having multiple prescriptions in a single lens, similarly to a varifocal spectacle lens; there’s one for close objects, one for objects viewed at a distance and one for intermediate.

There are two ways in which these different prescriptions are incorporated into a lens. The design most often fitted uses a set of concentric circles, each with its own a distinct lens power. The second blends these circles, replicating a natural viewing experience and providing a gradual transition between distances.